App Habits For Focus & Productivity.

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Affinity Designer
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Affinity Photo
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Affinity Publisher

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Part of the Creative Automation Set

Replace Notes and Browser Bookmarks with Bear and Todoist

Research is the first, best refuge of the grand procrastinator.

Bookmarks and Notes (be it Apple’s Notes app or Google’s Keep app or Evernote) encourage the collection and collation of ever-increasing data. Collection inevitably leads to hoarding, and hoarding inevitably leads to stagnation, as the curation of data becomes the central activity.

Make use of iOS and macOS’s Share button, removing Notes, Bookmarks, and the like as options and replacing them with Bear and Todoist.

This will train you to link interesting sites and ideas found when browsing to actionable items.

This will discourage you from collecting massive archives of glorified bookmarks, and instead encourage you to create actionable items. Why am I saving this? What do I want to do with this idea, article, resource? (Add it to Safari via Extensions and using Share button in iOS.)

Illustration Apps

GoodNotes For Sketching

Procreate For Drawing

Affinity Suite For Publishing

Writing Apps

Bear For Notes

Scrivener For Writing

Affinity Publisher For Print Publishing

Vellum For eBook Publishing